Just Energy: Ontario

Just Energy is an electricity and natural gas supplier headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. The company serves about 300,000 energy customers in the province and about 2 million throughout North America. Just Energy offers competitive energy rates and top-of-the-line customer service to Ontario residents and business owners alike. With nearly two decades of competitive energy supply expertise, you can count on Just Energy to bring you plans and prices you’ll love. Just Energy protects the rights of its customers with the Just Energy Customer Bill of Rights. From honest, up-front contract terms to a selection of green energy supply plans, the Customer Bill of Rights is a 10-point promise to put its customers’ interests first.


Check out Ontario natural gas rates

Ontario natural gas consumers can choose from a flat-rate supply plan or a fixed-rate, per-cubic-meter supply plan from Just Energy. The flat-rate Predict-a-Bill™ supply plan guarantees consumers a reliable monthly bill so long as their annual natural gas use does not exceed plan limits. With reasonable monthly consumption, the Predict-a-Bill™ natural gas supply plan can help you stick to your budget. If you use a little or a lot of natural gas, you can opt to pay a fixed supply rate on a per-cubic-meter basis. Keep your supply rate for five years with either plan and help protect yourself from changes in the natural gas market.

To get a new rate on Ontario natural gas for your business, call or have an energy specialist call you with a custom quote.

See Ontario electricity rates in your local area

Ontario electricity rates on supply from Just Energy are similar to natural gas plans. Choose from a five-year flat-rate Predict-a-Bill™ supply plan or a capped variable-rate electricity supply plan. Ontario electricity and natural gas consumers can get a dual fuel discount. If your home uses both electricity and natural gas, consider the Predict-a-Bill™ Dual Discount option and bundle your supply services with Just Energy.

Looking for a new Ontario electricity rate for your business? Have an energy specialist call you with a supply plan quote or call Just Energy to get your free quote right away.


What to do in an Ontario energy emergency

Although Just Energy may be your Ontario natural gas or electricity provider, notify your utility in the event of an outage. Choose your natural gas utility from the list below or find your local electric distribution company here.

Union Gas Enbridge Gas Kitchener Utilities