Just Energy: New York

Live in the Empire State and need electricity or natural gas supply? Venture outside of your energy services company (ESCO) and explore Just Energy! This ESCO has both electric and natural gas supply plans for New York consumers. Just Energy serves customers in all utilities including Rochester Gas and Electric, ConEdison, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange and Rockland Electric, Nation Fuel Gas Services and Central Hudson.

Natural gas rates in New York

Ready to take action and have a more predictable natural gas bill each month? Just Energy can help by introducing you to its long-term secured-rate supply plans that can protect your natural gas rates and may also protect your checkbook.

Although the utility in your area offers natural gas supply, as a resident in a deregulated area in New York, you have the opportunity to find secured-rate supply plans that offer long-term price protection. Just Energy has a plan to secure your supply rate for three years to ensure your natural gas bill matches your expectations. If you’re ready to take control and stop paying fluctuating gas rates, one of our energy specialists can help you sign up with a Just Energy plan that matches your household natural gas needs.

Explore your electricity options in New York

Natural gas isn’t the only commodity we offer. Just Energy also offers New York residents several options for electricity supply. Just Energy offers secured-rate supply plans thatprotect rates for one year or longer as well as a variable-rate plan that keeps up with the market cost of electricity.

Regardless of the plan you choose, Just Energy also offers JustGreen options to help support a cleaner environment. Just Energy’s green energy product alternatives for your electricity consumption reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately benefiting the environment, our communities and the economy.

Who to contact in a power outage

If you experience a power outage or a natural gas leak in your neighborhood, be sure to contact your local utility immediately. Oftentimes utilities are not notified right away when an emergency occurs, so take the initiative to contact the appropriate company yourself. For more information on contacting your utility, click your utility below.

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