Commerce Energy: New Jersey

In New Jersey, Just Energy operates as Commerce Energy, part of the Just Energy family of companies. Commerce Energy offers consumers electricity and natural gas options. If you live or operate a business in the PSE&G or JCP&L service area, Commerce Energy has plans and rates for you.

Commerce Energy offers customers a variety of term lengths and types of plans including secured-rate and variable-rate plans. As a consumer in deregulated New Jersey, take advantage of your power to explore rates outside of your utility and look at Commerce Energy’s options.

Understand natural gas rates and your opinions

Commerce Energy offers natural gas rates and plans to fit your household needs and budget. Natural gas plans vary in term length from one year to five years and come in both secured-rates and variable rates. Secured-rate plans are designed to meet the needs of consumers who like consistency and price protection. With a secured-rate plan, you can protect your supply rate for the entire length of your contract, giving you the ability to better predict your natural gas bill each month. For consumers who want to take advantage of the flexibility and fluctuation of natural gas prices in the market, Commerce Energy also offers a variable-rate plan.

Explore Commerce Energy electricity plans

Along with natural gas, Commerce Energy also offers New Jersey residents and business owners electricity plans. Commerce Energy has both secured-rate and variable-rate plans for electricity too. Secured-rate plans vary in term length from one to three years and protect your rates to prevent month-to-month rate changes. Variable-rate electricity plans provide the flexibility to take advantage of lower rates when the market price decreases. Of course this means you may also be exposed to higher rates when the market price increases.

The variety of plans on electricity may seem confusing but our energy professionals can help find the plan that’s right for you. Call now to speak with one of our energy specialists!

Who to call in an emergency

If you are experiencing a power outage or gas leak, be sure to contact your local utility immediately. Your local utility manages and maintains the power lines and gas pipes in your neighborhood, therefore it will be able to resolve the problem. If you are unsure of how to contact your utility, click on your utility below for more information. It’s important to always have your utility contact information handy in case an electrical or natural gas emergency arises.