Just Energy: Michigan

Just Energy offers Michigan residents and business owners several options when it comes to natural gas. If you live in the Consumers Energy, DTE Gas Company, Michigan Gas Utilities or SEMCO Energy service area in Michigan, you have the opportunity to choose which supplier provides your home or business with natural gas. As a resident in a deregulated natural gas area in Michigan, it’s important for you to utilize your power to choose your supplier. By shopping around you’ll find a supplier, plan and rate that works best for your household needs.

Just Energy is one of several alternative gas suppliers in Michigan. The company offers a variety of term lengths, rates and green energy product options that may work well for you too! Explore your options with Just Energy and get enrolled in a plan today!

Explore natural gas rates in Michigan

Tired of your rates changing each month? Just Energy offers natural gas rates in Michigan that are secured for the entire length of your contract. Just Energy stable-rate plans vary from one to five years and ensure price protection. With stable-rate plans, your rates are protected from fluctuating each month, giving you the ability to better predict your monthly natural gas bill. On the other hand, if you enjoy the flexibility of variable rates and want to take advantage of lower rates while market prices are down, Just Energy also offers a variable-rate plan. Keep in mind, though, that you may experience higher rates with higher market prices on a variable-rate plan.

Just Energy offers different plans and natural gas rates in Michigan and with our variety you’re bound to find a plan that meets your needs!

Green energy product options

In Michigan, Just Energy offers customers green energy product options in addition to a variety of natural gas rates. JustGreen Natural Gas gives you the ability to offset the amount of carbon emissions caused by your natural gas usage. With the JustGreen option, Just Energy purchases carbon offsets on your behalf to ensure that the equivalent of up to 100 percent of the carbon emissions caused by your natural gas usage are offset. JustGreen Natural Gas is available to residential and commercial customers. Enroll in a natural gas plan with Just Energy and support a cleaner environment by subscribing to JustGreen.

In case of emergency

If you detect a gas leak or natural gas emergency in your home, call your local utility immediately. The utility servicing your neighborhood maintains and operates the infrastructure in your area and will be able to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Gas leaks can be serious and should be taken care of right away, so don’t wait until one arises to hunt for your utility’s contact information. For contact information on your utility, click your utility below.

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