Maryland: Commerce Energy Is Now Just Energy

Since 1999, many Maryland electricity and natural gas consumers have been able to shop for a new rate on their energy supply. Energy choice allows retail energy suppliers to offer rates on energy supply separate from what is offered by the utility in deregulated service areas.

In Maryland, Just Energy used to operate as Commerce Energy. It was part of the Just Energy Group Inc. family of energy retailers. Commerce Energy is now just called Just Energy, and offers retail energy plans to consumers in energy choice markets throughout North America. In Maryland, customers of Baltimore Gas and Electric, or BGE, can choose a retail energy supplier, such as Just Energy, to supply natural gas and electricity to their homes and businesses.


Learn about natural gas rates in Maryland

For Maryland natural gas consumers in the service area of the utility BGE, there is a choice to be made: Stay with BGE or shop for a new natural gas rate on supply. Consumers who choose to shop for a new supply rate for their Maryland natural gas can potentially save money over those who stay with the utility.

Just Energy offers BGE natural gas consumers an alternative to BGE rates for supply. Competitive retail energy suppliers, such as Just Energy, are able to purchase wholesale natural gas and then pass potential savings along to the consumer. Maryland natural gas consumers in the BGE service area can choose a retail supplier and may be able to find a better rate than what is currently offered by the utility.

Discover electricity rates in Maryland

Maryland electricity consumers in the BGE service area can also shop for an electricity supplier the same way they can shop for a natural gas supplier. Compare electricity supply rates in Maryland from retail suppliers, such as Just Energy.

When you're shopping for a new supply rate, consider all your options. Variable-rate supply plans offer you flexibility. Secured-rate supply plans let you protect your rate for a longer contract term, so you can enjoy the predictability of a rate that stays the same regardless of changes in the electricity market.


Know who to contact in a power outage in Maryland

If you experience a problem with natural gas or electricity delivery to your home or business, call your utility, BGE, directly. Your energy supplier handles customer service issues, but the utility handles outages or emergencies, such as downed power lines. Find contact information to report an outage to your utility here:

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company