Just Energy: Indiana

Do you live in the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) service area? If so, Just Energy has natural gas rates just for you! In Indiana, only residents and business owners in the NIPSCO service area have the opportunity to choose among Indiana natural gas rates. As a consumer in this area, you should exercise your power to choose and explore Just Energy’s natural gas rates and plans. Just Energy may be the right supplier for you.

Discover Just Energy natural gas rates in Indiana

If you’re unfamiliar with Just Energy natural gas rates, now is your time to become informed. Just Energy has a variety of options to choose from including secured-rate and variable-rate plans and different contract lengths. Just Energy’s secured-rate plans secure your natural gas rate for the entire length of your contract. secured-rate plans work well for customers interested in having a more predictable bill each month. Just Energy also offers consumers a variable-rate plan that allows customers to take advantage of the flexibility of the market and variable pricing.

Just Energy’s plans are designed for customers like you. For more information on Just Energy natural gas rates in Indiana, call to speak with one of our energy professionals who can help you enroll with our best natural gas rates.

Electricity in Indiana

Although as an Indiana consumer you have the ability to choose your natural gas supplier, you don’t have the same ability to choose your electricity provider. Since 1998, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission allowed residents and business owners to choose their natural gas supplier, however, the electricity market was not also deregulated. Take advantage of the deregulated natural gas market in Indiana and explore your options for natural gas supply.

Have a natural gas emergency?

If you’re experiencing a loss of your natural gas service or have a natural gas emergency such as a gas leak, you need to contact NIPSCO immediately. NIPSCO owns and maintains the pipelines that run underground and therefore in a natural gas emergency, it is important to contact the utility directly so it can fix the situation as quickly as it can.